Get the powerful performance experience you're looking for with Optima Carbon (ND - Yag).

Strong performance, eye-catching design

Carbon Peeling

Optima Carbon is a product that can be used for spot treatment, pore reduction, skin tightening and similar regenerating processes.

Tattoo Removal

The laser beam used in tattoo removal passes through the epidermis layer of the skin and is absorbed by the compounds that give the tattoo color in the dermis and subcutaneous tissue and these substances are broken down and eliminated by the immune system.

Parts Warranty

Optima Laser starts your 1 year parts warranty period from the time you receive your device and our teams will provide you with an immediate solution against any failure.

Fast Delivery

Optima Technology prepares your products within 15 days and delivers them to you with the contracted cargo company.

Optima Carbon Unit

Optima Technology continues to invest in Q Switch ND-Yag technology. Optima Carbon offers the best quality results in tattoo removal technology. It also performs these operations regardless of color.

How does the process take place?

It is absorbed by the pigments that give color to the skin with the laser energy it produces. These absorbed pigments undergo deformation and are easily dispersed. Small parts of the pigment are removed from the body by natural means. In this way, the unwanted colored part on the skin disappears. These transactions are performed as a result of certain sessions. The treatment intervals of these sessions vary according to many parameters ranging from skin color to the treated area.