Single Device 2 Handle

More Powerful and More Effective

Double Handle

With this technology introduced by Optima Lazer in 2018, both Carbon Peeling and Laser Hair Removal were gathered on the same device.

Ice Handle (IPL) - Tattoo Removal

Optima Duo, IPL - OPT SHR ironing icing head with laser epilation device and Carbon Peeling heads are collected in a single device.

Parts Warranty

Optima Laser starts your 1 year parts warranty period from the time you receive your device and our teams will provide you with an immediate solution against any failure.

Organic Sapphire Crystal

With our original handle technology, we also use organic sapphire crystal to get more effective results.

Optima Duo Unit

The Optima Duo was launched in 2018 by Optima Laser. It offers a quality hair removal experience to its customers with a guarantee of 3 million shots. Our device consists of ironing laser and tattoo removal (carbon peeling) devices in a single device, IPL part is ice head. As with all our devices, we use fully organic Sapphire Crystal in the IPL part of the Optima Duo unit.

You can also use this product with or without gel.

First impression is always important. Consider yourself a customer. It has a bad appearance and the inconveniences of the shots will disturb you. We offer you the right device and the right results.